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Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Are you someone who loves to travel? Have you always dreamed of exploring the world, getting a breath of fresh air, and taking a break from your daily life?

Whether you’re camping in the desert, exploring the forest, or taking in the cityscape, it can be quite burdensome to rely only on minimal tools and a tent to make the experience a good one.

This is why 27North, Inc. brings you the best way to experience camping with our unmatched variety of van conversions.

The Magic of Van Life

These are your trendy homes away from home. You have a normal sized van that effortlessly fits in the average driveway and parking space, and is just as easy to drive around.

As an avid adventure enthusiast, you should know that many camper van conversion companies are now establishing themselves because of the high demand. With all of the comforts of home, there is really no better way to experience the great outdoors.

From students to weekend warriors, young families to retirees, almost everyone looks for ways to live an off-grid adventure at some point in their lives. The requirements for your van conversion depend on what you, the adventure-seeker, is looking for. With new vans being created every day, we are certain that 27North will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Who is 27North?

In 1999, 27North, Inc founder and CEO, Pavel “Paul” Bosovik, and his family were granted refugee status in the United States after fleeing religious persecution in Ukraine. None of them spoke English when the family moved from Ukraine to the United States, but that did not stop their drive to be successful in the US. Their father took a job as an over the road truck driver, a job that did not require fluency in the English language, to provide for his family, while their mother helped her family adjust to their new life in America.

23 years later, the Bosovik family, consisting of mom, dad, and 11 brothers and sisters, still strive for success, charity and a strong sense of community.

Having seen his parents give up their livelihood in Ukraine to provide their children with opportunities they never had, Paul was determined to make their dreams for him come true.

At the tender age of 10, Paul began displaying his knack for business ventures. His entrepreneurial endeavors began when he started selling bookmarks to his classmates for a quarter apiece. It was clear, even back then, that Paul's ambition, tenacity and drive would set him up for success.

Leaving his bookmark salesman days behind him, he graduated from Mizzou in 2018 with a degree in business administration, and married his wife Nina. He dove headfirst into the residential construction industry; working as a superintendent for one of the Midwest's most prominent residential real estate developers.

After honing his skills in the construction industry, Paul knew a change of direction was in store. He witnessed first-hand how the lack of work options devastated the community, and immediately knew he had to take action.

In early 2017, the Bosovik family sold their first recreational vehicle to a young family outside of Rogersville, Missouri. During this transaction, it became clear that the local community was lacking RV repair options. In July of 2018, recognizing that need, the Bosoviks opened The RV Firm, which specializes in RV parts sales & service. Despite the pandemic, the company quickly rose to the top of the industry in under 2 years, and has been able to provide some of the fastest lead times in the industry. From that very first transaction to this day, the company has worked hard to provide professional, diligent and personalized customer care to everyone who purchases one of their vehicles.

With The RV Firm operations well-established, and the van life culture quickly growing in popularity, Paul opened 27North in November of 2021 with this vision in mind:

“Our vision at 27North is to connect as many people as possible to adventure and the great outdoors. We aim to transform their lives by designing and building affordable, practical, top-tier vans.

We continue to acknowledge and recognize the need for sturdy, well-built, environmentally-friendly, low-impact alternative housing options. In addition, we're here to assist and cater to the ever-expanding digital nomad and modern-day vagabond that exists in all of us.”

27North continues to expand their operations, quadrupling their manufacturing space and the number of employees in under 6 months to accommodate their thriving van conversion and e-commerce sales. Their customers expect high quality products and personalized customer service, as 27North looks to expand further into off-roading trucks, houseboats, and commercial vehicles.

At 27North, we understand the need for durable, well-built, low-impact, and environmentally friendly alternative housing options.

Here are a few van conversion ideas we offer to avail yourself.

Which van is right for you?

Mercedes Sprinter

Our most popular van is the Mercedes Sprinter. With true factory 4x4, you can go off the beaten path with ease and style.

Raising industry standards, this vehicle is ready for anything, no matter where your job or lifestyle takes you. And, since it's a Mercedes-Benz, it’s more than just a van.

Ram Promaster

Maybe you’re looking for a little more interior space. With the widest body available, the Ram Promaster gives you more living space for added comfort, convenience and productivity.

With a wide array of safety features, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected.

Ford Transit

Created for convenience and comfort, the Ford Transit is another great option, offering the highest roof available. Loaded with amenities, this is a great option for bustling families.

Floor Plans

27North introduces three standard floor plans, allowing you the freedom to choose which layout will best fit your needs.

The Apex and Summit floor plans are designed with function and style in mind. However, if you need a little more freedom in your design, the team at 27North will help you customize options to create your perfect space.

Color Palette

We offer 4 beautiful color palettes, allowing you to choose the colors, finishes, and style that fits your personality.

Additional Choices

In addition, you choose your plumbing fixtures, shower configuration, toilet, refrigerator, and many more amenities that go into your van build.


Purchasing a vehicle from 27North allows you to create your perfect home away from home. With an 18 month warranty, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will be protected.

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I bought a camper van a year ago and now i think i need some maintenance of my camper van like repair broken things in the rv as well as i want to repair rv glass. So, looking for a company that can help me doing it at a reasonable cost.

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