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We understand that building a van conversion is a new process for most of our customers so we have answered some frequently asked questions below, if you have any follow up questions please contact us!


Can we purchase a van through 27North Inc.?

Yes, you can purchase a van through 27North Inc, we are partnered with multiple dealerships throughout the states, giving us access to a wide variety of Mercedes, Dodge and Ford chassis. 

Does 27North Inc. offer financing?

We work closely with multiple banks that offer loans and financing for van conversions. 

When can you start my build?

At this time 27North Inc. starts the building process approximately 4-6 weeks after the contract has been signed and downpayment has been made.

How long does a custom van conversion take?

Conversion times vary by the extent of the customization of the floor-plan and interior, but on average a custom conversion takes us 5 weeks to complete.

Can I use my own van for the conversion?

Yes you can bring your van in, we will create a custom floor-plan and conversion to fit your needs.

How much does an average build cost?

Our builds are customizable to your needs, there are both luxury and economical options available for each build. The basic conversions begins at 120k (including the van) and grows from their depending on your floor-plan, design and finishes.

Do your offer warranty?

Yes we do offer warranty, if you purchase your van chassis through 27North Inc. then upon completion of the conversion you will have the manufacturers warranty for the van, as well as a 1-year warranty on the conversion.

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