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Carpenters can work in a range of different settings, but most jobs will include duties such as taking measurements, drawing up plans for proposed works, sourcing materials. Carpenters do a variety of different jobs, but some of their duties might include:


Republic, MO


 $18.00 - $25.00 per hour




  • Installing wooden structures such as roofing frames, rafters, partitions, joists and stud work

  • Designing and installing cabinets, shelving, fitted furniture, drywall and insulation

  • Adding fixtures and fittings such as door handles, locks, hinges and closures

  • Selecting lumber by size and strength to suit each job, sourcing wood to suit the customer’s budget and style

  • Calculating the number of fasteners required for each job

  • Liaising with clients, suppliers and other construction professionals                                  

  • Reading blueprints and designs to work to specifications prepared by other construction professionals, architects and building code recommendations

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