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 27North Inc. is a custom van conversion builder, providing durable and luxurious van conversions tailored to suit adventure seekers, leisurely travelers, and mobile lifestyle enthusiasts.
Since 2017, our team has provided our clients with the highest quality, first-class service. With our comprehensive offerings, you can expect to receive superior customer service from the initial contact and beyond. In addition, our fast, efficient, and reliable turnaround ensures we can fabricate your dream conversion in almost half the time of our competitors. Moreover, all our vans have an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. 
Our Founder and CEO, Pavel "Paul" Bosovik, began displaying his knack for business ventures at the young age of ten. He began his entrepreneurial endeavors by selling bookmarks for 0.25 apiece. It was clear back then that Pavel's drive, ambition, and tenacity would serve him well.
With his bookmark salesman days behind him, fresh from his Mizzou graduation and marriage to Nina - he dove headfirst into the residential construction industry. Pavel started working as a superintendent for one of the Midwest's most prominent residential real estate developers.
After honing his skills in the construction industry, Pavel knew a change of direction was needed. He witnessed first-hand how the lack of work options was devastating for the community. He immediately knew to take action. In early 2017, the Bosovik family sold their first recreational vehicle to a young family outside of Rogersville, Missouri.  It was made apparent during this transaction that the local community was in need of additional RV repair options.  By identifying that need, the Bosoviks have been able to provide some of the fastest lead times within the industry.  From that very first transaction to this day, they've worked hard to continue providing professional, diligent and personalized customer care to everyone who purchases one of their vehicles.

Pavel and his wife Nina are proud foster parents with dreams of building an orphanage in impoverished third-world countries.  It’s through the support of their communities that they’re able to contribute to charities benefiting at-risk youth on a local and national level.
In the subsequent years, 27North has continued to expand its operations, adding a new storefront to accommodate its thriving van sales and e-commerce activities within just a year of operation. They have also quadrupled the size of their facilities through hard work and determination. We're proud to proclaim that our customers expect top-notch customer service from us as we look to expand into off-roading trucks, houseboats, and commercial vehicles.


Our mission at 27North is to grow into the number one go-to vehicle conversion business in America and beyond. Whether you're a retired Snowbird, a part-time union worker in Montana, or a trendy young couple who adore the outdoor lifestyle, we ensure to deliver a tailored quality build that exceeds your expectations.
Our vision at 27North is to connect as many people as possible to adventure and the great outdoors. We aim to transform their lives by designing and building affordable, practical, top-tier vans. 
We continue to acknowledge and recognize the need for sturdy, well-built, environmentally-friendly, low-impact alternative housing options. In addition, we're here to assist and cater to the ever-expanding digital nomad and modern-day vagabond that exists in all of us. So, if you're ready to start moving, get in touch today, and let's set those wheels in motion.


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Pavel Bosovik

CEO & Founder

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Mike Compton

Director of Purchasing

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Brad Gray

Chief Operating Officer


Dustan Stroud

Director of Truck Production


Cole Booth

Director of Sales


Russel Gehrke

Lead Engineer


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